About Astrology Hack

Hi, my name is Jesse Long, a Gemini guy, relationship astrologer, and the chief content creator&editor at AstrologyHack.com.
I’ve been helping people improve their relationship with astrology chart reading for nearly 8 years.

How did I get into Astrology?

When I was young, my mother had been inspiring me by Astrology. First of all, I was skeptical about the truth of Astrology. Luckily this didn’t last a too long time and I was falling in love with reading the Horoscope and drawing their Symbols.
I’ve since been diving into Astrology and learned a lot by reading books and online videos. Finally, I decided to become an Astrologer by taking online Astrology Courses.
I met my girl(ex) in the online Astrology Course, infinite gossip/topics come to us. We fell in love and we’d been together for more than 3 years. (Finally broken up and it’s another long sad story…)
Whatever, I enjoy Astrology so much and wish to bring it to you too.

Why I created Astrology Hack

I love writing for quite a long time and it helps me grow and better organize my Astrology Knowledge.
A few months back I was browsing some astrology-related websites and one of the idea came up to my mind was that maybe I could create my own website.
Without knowing a lot about website technology, one of my friends helpped me out about the technical part so that I can focus on writing&editing the content to you guys.
I hope you guys enjoy my website and get useful info from it.

What to do next?

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