10 Tips on How to Attract an Aries Man

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If you’re having trouble figuring out how to attract an Aries man, you’ve come to the right place.

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In this article, we’ll familiarize you with the ins and outs of what makes an Aries man tick, and that will go a long way in helping you attract him.

The information you’ll be reading was derived from experts who know everything there is to know about astrology, which includes the traits that go along with each and every sign of the zodiac.

Only by learning these traits will you be able to appeal to an Aries man’s good sign and improve the odds of him liking you.

Aries men are born between March 21 and April 19.

Their ruling planet is Mars, and a few words to describe them include energetic, competitive, bold, ambitious, curious, exciting, and even wild.

They have a childlike curiosity and can be a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling blue.

An Aries man can have an ego and be very assertive, but he’s also got a soft side to show you every now and then.

He is an optimistic man who is constantly on the go, and his energy may be hard to keep up with at times.

Learning to attract an Aries man will be a little less difficult once you finish this article. Below are some important tips to help you get started.

1. Let him chase you.

Playing a little hard to get can be a real turn-on for an Aries man. You don’t want to be cruel and unrealistic, but a little chase never hurt anyone.

Of course, you should do this with the expectation that you’ll eventually let him catch you because if you don’t, it spoils the fun.

Letting him chase you also means he’ll feel like he’s the one doing the work, and Aries men like this because it strokes their ego.

Don’t drag it out forever, though, and to the point sooner rather than later so he doesn’t give up and walk away.

2. Make him laugh.

Laughter is good for all relationships, and an Aries man definitely appreciates a good sense of humor.

If you show him that you can laugh through a stressful situation, he’ll like you even more.

Making an Aries man laugh is one of the many ways to attract him and make him yours.

Making him laugh also serves an important function when you’ve decided to let him chase you for a while.

Playing hard to get can be stressful in some ways, and making your Aries man laugh is a great way to break the tension and hint to him that you’ll be letting him “catch” you soon.

3. Give him space.

Aries men are very independent, and giving him space now and then proves to him that you’re not going to threaten that independence by being too clingy or possessive.

When he needs his space, go ahead and give it to him so he knows that you’re not going to turn into his stalker.

When he does need some space, don’t take it personally. It won’t be because he doesn’t want to be around you or because he’s tired of you.

It’s just because his independence makes him need some time to himself every now and then.

4. Flirt with him.

An Aries man is friendly and loves to flirt with a prospective partner. Light-hearted flirting that isn’t being overdone is harmless and can be a lot of fun, and an Aries man is always up for it.

Flirting is also a great way to know how close you’re getting to making him interested in you.

Aries men can take a lot of flirting before they get tired of it. Just make sure it doesn’t go overboard or get tacky but instead stays on the light side.

You can flirt all you want, but you always have to make sure it isn’t too intense or threatening.

5. Let him protect you.

Aries men have a chivalrous side, and they like to feel like they’re protecting you at times.

Let him give you his jacket when it’s chilly outside or hold an umbrella up when it’s raining.

It’ll mean a lot to him and it’s a very simple thing to do on your part.

Don’t get the impression that an Aries man is a chauvinist. He isn’t.

But he does like to shower his partner with special attention, and feeling like he’s protecting you is a great way for him to feel like he’s doing just that.

6. Practice social graces.

If you’re going to attract an Aries man, you’ll have to know about certain rules of etiquette.

You should know how to act in a fancy restaurant or when you’re in the middle of a fancy social event.

Does this mean that Aries men are snobs? No, but he will expect you to know certain things about life.

It isn’t hard to learn these things if you’re not already familiar with them. Just find out what some of his favorite activities are and go by that.

You can even practice social etiquette by reading up on it, but you don’t have to aim for super high-class.

Just make sure you know some of the basics.

7. Don’t play games.

Game-playing is not something an Aries man appreciates. He likes honesty and humility, which means he’ll expect you to leave the game-playing to the amateurs.

Don’t play head games with him ever because he’s likely to be turned off and simply walk away.

This includes trying to make him jealous of another man. That’s a huge no-no.

Aries men dislike games like this and would prefer to walk away rather than stick around and be made a fool of.

He wants and expects you to be honest, and he thinks of head games as being dishonest.

8. Be independent and self-confident.

Since Aries men are independent, they expect their partners to be that way as well.

The last thing an Aries man wants is a partner who is too shy or is constantly second-guessing everything they do.

In other words, he expects self-confidence in his partner.

This doesn’t mean you should be cocky. That’s a turnoff as well.

Being self-confident and sure of yourself without being obnoxious and cocky is indeed possible, so just watch the way you act around an Aries man and know what they expect from a good partner.

9. Don’t talk – show how you feel.

Thoughtful gestures to show your care go a long way with an Aries man. They are like most other men – they love it when a partner pays special attention to them.

After all, you can like an Aries man all you want, but he won’t know that unless you can show it to him.

The gestures don’t have to be huge. You can just send him a sexy text during the day or have some balloons delivered to his office to surprise him.

In fact, anything that lets him know you’re thinking about him is a good thing, and it won’t go unnoticed.

10. Don’t be rude or insincere.

No one likes a snob, and this is especially true for Aries men, who tend to be very down-to-earth.

Being insincere or rude is never a good thing, but an Aries man will consider it a huge no-no and will likely run away from you sooner rather than later.

When you’re around an Aries man, just be yourself and be kind.

You don’t have to do anything special except being true to yourself so that you don’t appear to be a conceited person who only thinks about yourself.

In other words, be nice!


Aries men are not difficult to figure out.

In fact, as long as you learn some basic personality traits, learning how to attract an Aries man is a piece of cake.

These are confident men who are also a lot of fun to be around, so you’ll have a blast being their partner.

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