18 Subtle Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You (Is He Attracted?)

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Learning the signs an Aquarius man likes you is usually not difficult, but keep in mind that these men are forward thinkers who are usually ahead of their time.

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This means some of those signs may be more difficult to recognize than others.

Because astrology experts know that certain traits are associated with certain astrological signs, they’re in agreement about the traits listed below. In fact, regardless of which Aquarius man you’re thinking about, you can rest assured that he’ll display one or more of these traits if he truly likes you.

Keep in mind that Aquarius men are sometimes eccentric and often non-conformists, and they can be somewhat stubborn as well. They can have hobbies that you consider unusual and even have quirky senses of fashion.

While they can be a challenge to keep up with at times, they’re also a lot of fun to be around. 

Here are some of the ways you’ll know if an Aquarius man likes you.

He Talks to Your Best Friend

When an Aquarius man likes you, he’ll want to get to know your friends a lot better so that he can “get in good” with you. So when he’s around, don’t expect him to stay out of the conversation and leave your friends alone.

And talking to your best friend is another tool he uses to get to know you a little better. After all, who knows you better than your best friend? An Aquarius man will take advantage of that opportunity.

He Likes to Show You Affection in Public

Aquarius men are not uncomfortable showing you affection whenever the two of you are in public. He considers displays of affection something that’s natural when you care about someone, and he’ll display his own affection towards you every chance he gets, regardless of where you are.

If you love having the man you care about hold your hands or touch your arm in public, an Aquarius man will never let you down. He loves to show you affection when you’re out in public!

He Lets You See His Vulnerable Side

Everyone has a vulnerable side, and while many men consider themselves too “macho” to let the woman they love see that side, not so with an Aquarius. In fact, if an Aquarius man lets you see his vulnerable side, it means he cares enough about you to consider this an important part of the relationship.

As you can imagine, an Aquarius man doesn’t show his vulnerable side to just anyone. If he shows this side of himself to you, it means that he likes you a lot.

He Wants to Have Intellectual Conversations with You

Free-spirited Aquarius men are also intelligent, and this means they aren’t interested in having shallow conversations with the woman they care about. Instead, you’ll find them starting conversations about a wide variety of topics, from world events to sports and everything in between.

It’s not that he’s trying to show off how smart he is. It’s that he considers you smart as well, so he trusts that you’ll be able to keep up your end of any intellectual conversation he has with you.

He Wants to Know About Your Hobbies

An Aquarius man usually has some unusual hobbies, so don’t think that his hobbies are going to include your run-of-the-mill hobbies. Nevertheless, he’ll enjoy describing all of his hobbies to you and even showing them off every time he gets the chance.

Consider this a compliment that he’s telling you all about his hobbies. After all, this is what he does to relax in his private time and he doesn’t share this information with everyone he meets.

He Always Makes Time for You

As you can imagine, Aquarius men tend to be busy, in part because they tend to think “big” and get involved in numerous causes. But regardless of how busy he is, an Aquarius man will never be too busy for the woman he loves.

An Aquarius man considers a woman he cares about to be just as important as the other aspects of his life, and those things are indeed important to him. But he will always make time for you!

He Talks About You to His Friends

If you run into a friend of his and find out that he’s been talking about you to any of his friends, know that this particular Aquarius man is definitely interested in you. Even if he just casually mentions you to his friends, he’ll consider it a big step because he wouldn’t do this if he didn’t like you.

As a general rule, men don’t talk about female friends to their own friends, but only women that they truly care about and like. So every time that he says something about you to his friends, that’s a very good sign.

He Sometimes Gets Jealous

While he won’t go overboard with it, an Aquarius man will occasionally get jealous if it looks as if you might be interested in another man or if another man seems to be interested in you. As humans, we’re all capable of feeling jealousy when we like someone, and an Aquarius man is no different.

He may not necessarily let you see that he’s jealous, but he’ll feel it just the same. While it won’t be a regular occurrence, you can count on him being jealous when certain situations arise.

He Tries to Flirt with You

Aquarius men can be real flirts, and while it usually doesn’t get out of hand, they will still flirt with you as a way to let you know they’re interested in you. The flirting won’t be tacky and may in fact be subtle, but since he doesn’t flirt with women who he isn’t interested in, this is a sure sign that he likes you.

He’ll consider it harmless flirting because he knows when to stop. Nevertheless, flirting with you is yet another way for you to know that he likes you a lot.

He Calls You His Best Friend

If an Aquarius man calls you his best friend, don’t let the word “friend” fool you. This is merely his way of letting you know that you mean a lot to him and that he’s very comfortable with you. Since he considers friendship to be an important part of a relationship, this is actually a huge compliment to you.

Remember that Aquarius men like deep, meaningful relationships, so calling you his best friend is the same thing as saying you’re his favorite person. And this translates into his favorite girl!

He Wants Your Family to Like Him

If you invite your Aquarius man to meet your family, which is a big step on its own, it will be especially important to him that they like him. The reason why is obvious. He likes you, after all, so he’ll naturally want your family to like him as well.

Even if he ends up meeting your family unexpectedly or at a casual occasion, he’ll still consider it important for them to like him since he likes you so much.

He Always Wants to Know If You’re Okay

When an Aquarius man likes you, he’s going to be concerned about you all the time, which means he’ll ask you frequently if you’re okay. This isn’t his way of stalking you; instead, it’s his way of letting you know that he cares about your well-being.

And he’ll care about every aspect of your well-being, inquiring about how you’re doing both physically and emotionally on a regular basis. His concerns are genuine, and this will become obvious early on in the relationship.

He Arranges Your Dates with Him

Aquarius men do like to be in charge, so when he asks you out on a date, he’ll like to plan every single aspect of the date. This doesn’t mean he won’t take input from you regarding what the two of you should do. It just means that he likes to decide in general what you’ll be doing from beginning to end.

It’s also his way of arranging some surprises for you along the way. To be sure, going on a date with an Aquarius man is never boring but always full of adventure and one-of-a-kind activities.

He Likes Traditional Dates (Movies, etc.)

Even though Aquarius men tend to be ahead of their time when it comes to how they think and their interests, they tend to prefer tradition when it comes to dating someone they love. This doesn’t mean that you’ll always be doing boring things; it just means that many of your dates will be more on the traditional side.

This, of course, is terribly romantic on his part, so regardless of what the two of you end up doing, you’ll still have a lot of fun when you’re dating an Aquarius. As the saying goes, there’s “never a dull moment” with an Aquarius man!

He Truly Listens to What You Say

When you have a conversation with an Aquarius man, never think he’s one of those men who is secretly ignoring you as you speak. It’s just the opposite, in fact. An Aquarius man will hang on every word you say because he’ll want to know as much as possible about you.

Because he wants to get to know you on an intimate level, he’ll listen to you carefully because this is yet another way for him to know your likes and dislikes so he’ll know what to do next.

He Likes Exploring Weird Things with You

It should come as no surprise that Aquarius men have some unique and out-of-the-ordinary interests, and if he likes you he’ll want to explore some of these interests with you. Some of his favorite things to do might sound a little quirky to you, but this is part of the reason he’s so much fun to be around.

To be sure, time you spend with an Aquarius man is never going to be boring. You may not ever know exactly what to expect during the time you spend with him, but it will certainly be fun and unforgettable. In fact, you’ll never know what to expect from one date to the next!

He Asks You to Join Him and His Friends in Activities

Aquarius men treasure their friendships and can be protective of their friends, so if he asks you to join them in any type of activity, just know that he’s doing this because he considers you to be just as important to him as they are.

In fact, few things make an Aquarius man happier than having his best girl and his best friends together for some fun and good times. Always consider it a compliment when an Aquarius man asks you to join him and his friends on any type of fun outing.

He Is a Hopeless Romantic

If an Aquarius man shows you attention that tends to be on the corny or sappy side, consider it a compliment. He doesn’t do this with everyone, but the more he likes you, the cornier he’ll be every time that he’s around you.

But don’t worry because this sappiness is actually quite adorable. Hopeless romantics never run out of ways to make you feel special, and it won’t take you long to truly appreciate all of his words and actions that make you feel that way every time.

Final Thoughts

While a lot of people assume that Aquarius men are water signs — after all, the sign is represented by the water bearer — they are instead air signs. The water bearer is also a mystical healer, which might be why Aquarians tend to believe that they have the ability to change the world.

While an Aquarius man will need to be alone in his thoughts at times, he is an outgoing, fun-loving person who adores being around like-minded individuals. If you like an Aquarius man, you may not know what to expect from one date to another, but you’ll certainly never be bored with the relationship.

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