15 Proven Signs a Leo Man Likes You (Does He Crush On You?)

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Leo men are complex but once you learn a little about their personality and how they operate, it’s a lot easier to tell if they like you.

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Since they are born under the sign of the lion, they are extremely brave but can still be very sensitive to rejection.

All Leo men will display these traits when they like you, and this has been proven in study after study. This list consists of some of the most obvious ways to confirm that a Leo man cares about you.

Since they are sensitive to rejection, they’ll take their time and test out the waters, so to speak, until you show some sign that you like them back. As long as you don’t reject them, they’ll keep displaying the traits that say they like you and will keep on going until you respond.

While Leos love being the center of attention and like to play the field, things change when they start to develop feelings for someone. They are very open with their feelings when this happens and will let you know how they feel about you.

Nevertheless, some of their behaviors can be a bit subtle and therefore difficult to read, and that’s what this list is here to help you with. 

Let’s get started by listing some of the most obvious ways to tell if a Leo man is interested in you.

He Moves Fast in the Relationship

Once a Leo knows what he wants, he’ll want to go after it immediately. If what he wants is you, you’ll find him moving rather quickly once the relationship begins.

This is partly because a Leo man will move forward quickly once you show him that you like him just as much as he likes you. He is a decisive man and once he decides that it’s you he wants, he’ll want the relationship to progress at a fast pace.

There’s no need to get nervous if you’re not ready yet for a permanent relationship. While he’ll want to move things along quickly, he’ll adjust his pace to yours as long as he knows that you’re interested in being with him.

He Starts Buying You Gifts from the Very Start

Leo men are very generous and love to buy gifts for that special someone. If you’re in a relationship with a Leo man and he starts buying you a lot of gifts, there’s no need to wonder how he feels about you.

Leos are smart enough to realize that women love presents, and they enjoy getting you gifts as much as you enjoy receiving them.

The gifts will range from simple ones to more extravagant ones, but one thing is certain: they’ll be consistent and ongoing. If a Leo man likes you, get ready to be showered with gifts both big and small on a regular basis!

He Starts to Get a Little Jealous

While Leo men are not super jealous, they can get a little jealous when they feel as if you might be interested in someone else. If you’re already in a relationship with one of these men, you may notice a little of the green-eyed monster coming out in him if he thinks that you’re paying a little bit too much attention to someone else.

Jealousy can be unattractive, but a Leo won’t let it get out of hand. The good news is that a little jealousy on his part is a certain sign that he wants to further grow his relationship with you.

He Gives You Lots of Attention Always

While Leos like being the center of attention, they’ll gladly turn that attention to you once they start to like you. They are self-confident enough to do this without the fear of letting the situation make them feel insecure or unsure about your relationship.

If you’re already in a relationship with a Leo, be prepared for him to turn up the heat — or the fire, so to speak — when it comes to giving you all the attention as often as possible. In fact, this type of behavior comes easy to a Leo when he really likes you.

He Invites You to Lots of Social Events 

If a Leo starts inviting you to parties, concerts, and get-togethers with his friends, it’s a sure sign that he likes you. Leos can be quite social, and if he’s showing that he doesn’t like to go to these social events without you, you no longer have to wonder how he feels about you.

It isn’t that he’s one of these people who has to be around other people 24/7. It has more to do with him wanting you to be a bigger part of his life and wanting to share the fun things in life with someone who’s very important to him.

Besides, no one likes to go to parties and other social gatherings alone, and Leos are no different. Enjoy this perk if you’re dating a Leo because one thing is certain: you’ll never be bored in this relationship.

He Wants You All to Himself

Leos can be a little selfish with you when they like you, and they’ll want you to spend more time with them than you might be able to do. Do not worry, though, because they do this for one simple reason: they like you a lot and want to spend as much time with you as possible.

They won’t necessarily keep you from being with your friends, but they’ll try to enjoy your company as much as possible in the meantime. If you’re in a relationship with a Leo and you feel as if he’s trying to hog you, you’re probably right — but it’s for a good reason!

He Looks at You Constantly

If you notice a Leo man looking at you every time you turn around, there’s a good reason for this: he likes you. Everyone knows that men are very visual, and he’ll always think that you’re beautiful and will want to enjoy that beauty every chance he gets.

If you’re new to the relationship, it can be a little awkward to notice him constantly looking at you every chance he gets. Once you get used to it, though, you’ll find it a perk of having a Leo man attracted to you.

And how he looks at you will also be special. He’ll likely smile when you notice him looking at you, and even better, he won’t turn away from you when you do this.

He Is Playful and Shows Off When He’s Around You

Leos certainly have a playful nature and a great sense of humor, and this often results in him showing off whenever he’s around you. Whether it’s his work-related skills, his gaming ability, or his brain power, showing off to impress you is nothing new for a Leo.

Having a Leo man like you is sort of like having a young teenager like you. He’ll tend to show off every chance he gets so that you have fewer excuses not to finally admit that you do indeed like him.

He’s also testing your reaction to see if your feelings are similar to his. He’ll be able to tell a lot about your feelings when he’s showing off in front of you.

His Interest in You Is Genuine and Real

When a Leo shows you some attention, it isn’t just because he’s trying to get you in bed. It’s because he is interested in you as a real human being and an important person.

You’ll find that Leos always get to know the real you and the person you are on the inside. His desire is never to have a shallow relationship or one built on sex and nothing else.

Instead, he wants to know you and learn as much about you as he can. This way, the relationship gets off on the right foot and is a meaningful one from the very beginning.

He Is a Very Romantic Person

Leos are indeed romantic, so don’t be surprised if you’re constantly getting flowers and candy, and of course, his undivided attention. Little surprises will always be a part of your relationship with a Leo, and you’ll never know which surprise is going to happen next.

Of course, if you’re similar to most women, this is one perk of loving a Leo that can be one of your favorites. Surprises are great, and it’s all part of a Leo’s natural tendency to be romantic with the woman he’s attracted to.

He Likes to Give You Advice

No, he’s not trying to be a smarty pants when he gives you advice. It’s part of his desire to make you a better person so that you can get the most out of your life. A Leo man lives life to the fullest and wants nothing less than that for you.

This is also a way for a Leo to take you along in life’s journey so that you can enjoy life to the fullest together. Don’t worry, though; his intentions are always good whenever he decides to give you some advice on anything.

His Loyalty Knows No Bounds

When a Leo man likes you, he will always be fiercely loyal to you and will even defend your honor if he has to. His is indeed an old-fashioned type of loyalty that knows no bounds, so be prepared for 100% loyalty all the time.

Knowing that someone always has your back and is always on your side is a great feeling, and that’s what you’ll get when a Leo man likes you. You’ll certainly no longer feel as if you’re the only person who’s on your side!

He Frequently Tells You That You’re a Unique Person

Leos see people they like for who they are, and since everyone is unique in his own way, Leo men will remind you how special and unique you are on a regular basis. This is a compliment for sure, and it will make you feel special and one of a kind.

This also means that he’s already noticed something special and different about you and he likes to point it out. Of course, he’s only pointing it out because he cares about you.

Whether you’re a self-confident person or filled with insecurities, having someone who reminds you that you’re special and unique can make you feel much better about yourself. And when the reason for all of this is that he likes you, it can be even better.

He Finds New Ways to Touch You

Touching is important in a relationship, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by a man who’s a Leo. When he likes you, he’ll touch your arm, rub your hand, or rub your shoulder if you need a quick massage.

If you’re not in a relationship with him yet and you’re wondering if he’s interested, pay close attention to how much he is touching you and how often. If this kind of touching is commonplace, you can rest assured that he likes you.

He Makes Opportunities to Be with You More

If you feel as if he’s creating opportunities to be near you more often, it’s likely because he has some sort of affection for you. If he likes you, he’ll enjoy being near you whenever the opportunity presents itself.

It’s natural for someone who’s crushing on someone else to want to be around them more, and it is certainly true for Leo men. If a Leo man seems to pop up wherever you go, don’t assume that he isn’t doing it on purpose!


Fiery and playful, Leo men are very clear in how they feel about you. However, since they also like to find out how you feel first, it can be unclear what their true feelings are at times.

All in all, relationships with Leos are a lot of fun because there’s never a dull moment with them. But once you do land a Leo, you’ll have someone who will be loyal to you and cater to you for a very long time. 

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