15 Apparent Signs a Pisces Man Likes You (Is He Interested?)

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Liking a Pisces man is sometimes a challenge because they are such passionate men.


But learning the signs a Pisces man likes you doesn’t have to be a challenge once you know what to look for. You can easily put the traits together and know for sure that he does indeed care about you.

The astrology experts have already determined which traits belong to people born under this sign, and this article is going to share these traits with you. Figuring out if a Pisces man likes you is usually simple because he usually wears his heart on his sleeve.

Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in two different directions, which symbolizes their tendency to go back and forth between fantasy and reality. They are extremely compassionate, kind-hearted, and sensitive souls who love music and romance and tend to have very creative occupations.

Out of all the signs on the zodiac, Pisces are the most psychic and empathetic. In fact, it is often difficult for these people to stay grounded in reality because they are so sensitive to the world. 

Nevertheless, if you wish to learn if a Pisces man likes you, we’re going to share some tips to help you find out.

He Is Always Himself Around You

If a Pisces man acts relaxed around you like he has nothing to hide, this is a sure sign that he likes you. Because Pisces are so sensitive and intuitive, they’ll know they can trust you to react appropriately to their being themselves whenever they’re around you.

Pisces men can read people well and therefore know when they can trust you enough to let their guard down whenever they’re around you. But, he won’t do this unless he really likes you, so the more relaxed he is around you, the more he cares about you and wants to be more than just friends.

He Likes Taking Care of You

Pisces men are somewhat protective of the women they love, so prepare for him to want to take care of you every chance he gets. He’ll check on you when you’re sick and ask how you’re feeling almost daily just to make sure that everything is going well in your life.

He’ll also do things such as making sure that your jacket is covering you up completely when it’s chilly outside and letting you under his umbrella whenever it’s raining. Because of his kind-hearted nature, his affection for you will present itself in numerous ways, and this includes him taking care of you on a regular basis.

He Makes Excuses to Spend Time with You

Your Pisces man will want to spend as much time as possible with you when he likes you, and he’ll constantly look for ways to make that happen. Don’t be surprised if he changes his plans so that he can spend even more time with you, which he’ll always consider to be worth the effort.

Even if he gets to spend just a few extra minutes with you, he’ll still try to cram in that extra time because when Pisces men love, they go all the way and will try to spend as much time as possible with you on a regular basis.

He Wants to Know About Your Spiritual Beliefs

While many Pisces men are religious, many more are just spiritual in nature. Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, a Pisces man will want to know what they are. Why? Because he is spiritual in nature and is interested in all types of religions and spiritual beliefs.

To him, this is also a good way to get to know you a little better. The more he likes you, the more he’ll try and do just that. He has many interests when it comes to the spiritual realm, and because he likes you, he’ll be anxious to explore some of those realms with you.

He Lets You Know How He Feels

Pisces men are known to wear their hearts on their sleeves, so they’ll never be shy about letting you know how they feel about you and about everything else in life! In fact, you likely won’t have to wonder how he feels about anything because he’ll not be able to hide how he feels about anything.

The more he lets you know about himself, the more he trusts and likes you. While he does wear his heart on his sleeve, he’ll still be more guarded with individuals who he doesn’t know well. With women he cares about, however, he’ll love letting you know his feelings on just about everything.

He Asks You Lots of Questions

Because he likes you, a Pisces man will want to know everything about you and therefore will ask you tons of questions on a regular basis. He’ll want to know everything about you both personally and professionally, so be prepared to spend a lot of time answering his questions.

When a Pisces man loves, he loves deeply and it’s important to him to get to know you on a personal level. That’s why he constantly asks questions whenever he’s around you. It’s another way for him to get to know you a lot better, so don’t be surprised when he asks you a lot of questions regularly.

He Shares His Hopes and Dreams with You

If a Pisces man likes you, he’ll feel comfortable enough to share his hopes and dreams with you, regardless of how they might sound. He considers you getting to know him as important as him getting to know you, so he won’t be shy about sharing personal details about himself.

He’ll talk about his professional and personal life and his likes and dislikes. It’s also another way for him to compare your likes and dislikes to his so that he can determine how compatible you are.

He Likes Staying in and Watching Movies with You

If a Pisces man likes you, he’ll feel comfortable with you, which means that the two of you won’t have to go out and do crazy things every time you’re together. He’ll feel comfortable enough to simply stay at home and watch movies with you while eating popcorn on the sofa.

He’ll also do this because he likes to get to know you better every chance he gets. If the two of you stay home, you’ll be able to talk to one another more, which means that he’ll find out just a little bit more about you each time that you do this.

He Likes Having “Deep” Conversations with You

Pisces men are not shallow at all; in fact, they tend to think about a lot of “deep” topics even when they’re alone. And when they’re with a woman they care about, they’ll want to talk about those deep subjects.

And once again, talking to you about deep topics is yet another way to get to know you a little better. A Pisces man will care about you in every way, both physically and emotionally. The more you have these types of conversations with him, the better he’ll feel about how well he knows you.

He Likes Doing Artistic Things with You

Pisces people are very creative and have great imaginations, which is why they tend to be artists or musicians. And because this is an important part of his life, a Pisces man will want to share that part with the woman he adores. So don’t be surprised if one of your dates includes doing something artsy.

It may involve taking you to a poetry reading or an art museum, or it may involve the two of you doing something artsy together. Whatever it is, it’ll be a lot of fun for both of you and will be a great chance for you to find out how important this part of his life is to him.

He Is Very Trustworthy

A Pisces man can be trusted because he is a very reliable sort, and this is even more important to him whenever he likes someone. When he promises that he’ll do something for you, you can count on it happening every time. In other words, he always keeps his words to a woman he is attracted to.

And he’s trustworthy in both big and small matters. To a Pisces, trust is very important in a relationship, and he’ll take every opportunity to prove to you just how reliable he can be. Whatever you need from him, he’ll provide it to you every time so that you’ll know you can trust him with other things.

He Loves Planning Romantic Dates

It should be no surprise that a Pisces man is always very romantic, and this is usually reflected in the type of dates he plans for the two of you. In fact, Pisces men will go out of their way to think up dates that have romance at the very center of them, and he’ll stop at nothing to make sure they end up that way.

Hopeless romantics, Pisces men come up with some pretty interesting ways to spend time with you on a date, and you’ll likely never do the same thing twice in a row.

He Is Sometimes Hesitant Around You

Pisces men may be a bit hesitant around you at times, and the more he likes you, the more you’ll experience this. He won’t be like this all the time but he’s doing it because when he likes you, he’s in awe of you, making him a little nervous to approach you at times.

This isn’t something he always does, but occasionally you will make him nervous, especially if he doesn’t yet know how you feel about him.

He Feels Totally Comfortable Around You

When a Pisces man likes you and especially if he knows you like him, he’ll be completely comfortable with you most or all of the time. He’ll let his guard down and show you his vulnerable side, and it won’t be long before you feel completely comfortable with him as well.

Pisces men even act this way when they aren’t sure that you like them, although not to the same degree. He likes you so much that he naturally feels comfortable around you.

He Loves Making Eye Contact with You

Pisces men are natural romantics and love looking at you straight in the eye. They consider eye contact important and will look at yours every chance they get. They don’t do it to be creepy but because they love looking at your eyes whenever you speak.

Besides, they consider eye contact to be a very romantic and thoughtful gesture, so be prepared for lots of eye contact when you’re dating a Pisces man.

Warp it Up

Romantic, sensitive, empathetic, and kind-hearted, a Pisces man will go out of his way to convince you that he’s the one you want. He has a huge heart and is ready to share it with that special someone, who might be you if you learn to recognize certain signs.

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