10 Sure-fire Signs a Sagittarius Man Likes You (Is He Interested?)

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It’s sometimes hard to tell if someone you’re attracted to has feelings for you as well. Most of the signs that a Sagittarius man likes you aren’t subtle.

Sagittarius Lover riding bikes

After all, this is a fire sign and they do tend to be fiery!

Nevertheless, some of these traits are a little harder to figure out.

Astrology professionals agree on certain traits for each of the astrological signs, and the traits listed below are a good example. There’s little doubt that everyone born under the sign of Sagittarius has certain characteristics that you can bank on, and the ones listed below are some of them.

Sagittarius people love knowledge and love change. In fact, any type of boundary turns off the Sagittarius. They are represented by the archer, so they love chasing after all types of intellectual and spiritual adventures.

Sagittarius men are adaptable and flexible and usually have a great sense of humor. If you get involved with someone who is born under this sign, be ready for the adventure of a lifetime because it is certain to be a wild ride for you.

And if you want to know specifically if a Sagittarius man likes you, just keep reading because these traits are a good indication of that.

He Is Blunt with You

This one might sound a little odd, but hear us out. Sagittarius men go at their lives with full force because they don’t want to miss a thing. As such, they can sometimes be a little on the blunt side. The thing is that the more feelings they have for you, the more comfortable they’ll feel showing you this side of themselves.

In other words, if they care about you, they’ll not feel uncomfortable showing you what they’re really like. Being blunt when he’s around you means that he feels comfortable around you and that he trusts you, and this is something he doesn’t do around just anybody.

He Wants to Be Your Best Friend

Sagittarius men want a deep relationship with a woman, not a shallow one. This is why he’ll want to be your friend and not just a love interest. Because he goes after everything with all that is inside of him, he’ll want you not just as a romantic partner but also as a good friend.

And since most good romantic relationships start with a good friendship, this is always a good thing. Whether the relationship is speeding by or taking its time being developed, a Sagittarius man will consider it important to get to know you as a friend before going any further.

He Is Impressed by Your Intelligence

Sagittarius men are smart; therefore, they want someone smart as a partner. Again, these men do not like shallowness in a relationship. They’ll expect their romantic partner to be just as smart as they are and they’ll always be super impressed when you are that smart.

This also means that you’ll never have to worry about him being intimidated by thinking that you’re smarter than he is. In fact, this will motivate him to challenge you more on all types of topics. He’ll look forward to the two of you spending hours talking about everything you can imagine.

He Will Ask You Out Spontaneously

Never be surprised when a Sagittarius man asks you out in the middle of the week. Sagittariuses are spontaneous and full of fun, so if he feels like going out on a date with you, even if all you’re doing is having coffee together, he won’t always be able to wait until the weekend.

This is one of the things that makes a Sagittarius so much fun to be with. He has a sense of adventure and will ask you out when you least expect it. But don’t worry, because going on a date with a Sagittarius is something that you are certain never to forget.

He Wants to Try New Foods with You

Because a Sagittarius man has a sense of adventure, that will extend to his love of trying different foods. If he wants to do this with you by his side, it means that he feels comfortable enough around you to expose you to what might happen while he’s trying these different foods!

If you’re one of these people who also loves to try new foods, this is a double whammy for you. You get to try new foods with someone who shares your interest and with someone who likes you enough to have you tag along while he does the same.

He Likes Taking You to Adventurous Activities

Not only is a Sagittarius man adventurous, but he likes to take along the woman he is interested in so they can enjoy these activities together. You never know what you’ll be doing on a date with a Sagittarius, so you have to be prepared for anything. But if he likes you, he’ll feel comfortable enough to have you by his side regardless of the activity.

One thing is sure: if a Sagittarius man invites you to tag along the next time he goes on one of his adventures, don’t be scared. Instead, be flattered because this isn’t something that he’ll do with just anybody in his life.

He Always Shows up — No Excuses

When a Sagittarius man asks you out, you never have to worry that he’ll stand you up, because that is never going to happen. Above all else, Sagittarius men are dependable, almost to a fault. That’s why he’ll always show up on time whenever the two of you have something planned.

Should something unexpected happen that prevents him from arriving on time, he’ll be the first to call you and let you know. He won’t let you just sit around and wonder what happened to him. But unless something truly out of the ordinary happens, you can count on him showing up when he promised you he would.

He Doesn’t Always Approach You Directly

Sagittarius men aren’t shy, but they will sometimes be hesitant to approach you directly because they’re afraid of looking or sounding ridiculous. This comes in part from his desire for everything to go as he planned, and partly from the fear that all men have that you’ll tell him “no.”

You’ll often notice him looking at you from afar with a timid look on his face, or looking away as soon as you look in his direction. He’d like to approach you directly, but sometimes he’s afraid that he’s being a little too bold. But give him time because he’ll eventually approach you!

He Likes Being Casual with You

If a Sagittarius man feels comfortable and likes you enough, you’ll be able to see his casual side rather quickly. Normally full of energy, even Sagittarius men like to relax occasionally and take it easy. The thing is that they won’t do this with just anyone.

If you haven’t been dating that long and your Sagittarius man starts acting overly casual, don’t take it as a sign that the relationship is souring. Take it as a compliment because he feels comfortable enough with you to act this way.

He Gives You Lots of Attention

Sagittarius men love to heap a lot of attention on the woman they love, and they’ll do it more often than you think. Even if all you’re doing is spending a quiet evening watching television, he’ll find ways to give you the attention he feels you deserve.

The attention also comes in various forms, from sending you texts saying he’s thinking about you to bringing you flowers for no special reason.


Sagittarius men are surely spitfires that love constant change and adventures, so if you’re attracted to one, you’re in for a real treat.

And now that you know some of the things they’ll do when they’re interested in you, you can go after the relationship with everything you’ve got.

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