15 Obvious Signs a Scorpio Man Likes you (Is He Attracted?)

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Once you become familiar with the signs a Scorpio man likes you, it’ll be easy to get rid of your hesitation to move forward with your feelings.

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Some of these signs are more subtle than others, but they are easy to recognize once you learn what they are.

This list was developed from experts in the field of astrology and will include basic information about the personality of a Scorpio man, in addition to the actions he executes whenever he’s interested in someone. 

A Scorpio man usually knows exactly what he wants and goes after it, making him sometimes seem a little calculating.

Scorpios are often very intuitive and even clairvoyant, and they tend to not put all their cards on the table until they are ready to do so. He is ambitious and empathetic, and he considers sex to be as much of an emotional commitment as it is a physical one. This alone makes him very attractive to most women.

Just as with most other signs, a Scorpio man can be difficult to figure out when it comes to his feelings about you, but the signs are there. 

And here are just a handful of ways to know for sure that a Scorpio man likes you:

You Constantly Catch Him Looking at You

If you feel as if someone is staring at you, it could be the Scorpio man whose feelings you are trying to figure out. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t worry because Scorpios are not stalkers. If he looks at you a lot, it merely means that he’s attracted to you in more ways than one and just likes seeing your face whenever he can.

Even if the two of you are not in a large or crowded room, a Scorpio man will be looking at you. When he cares, he’ll consider you beautiful and will want to look at that beauty every chance he gets.

He Is Protective of You

Men who care about their significant others are always protective of those women, and Scorpio men are no different. He can show this protective nature in many ways, but it always means that he’s looking out for you and he wants no harm to come to you ever.

It could be simple actions such as making sure that he’s closer to the street whenever the two of you are walking on the sidewalk. But he won’t stop there. He will protect you every chance he gets because he cares about your safety and your happiness.

He Is Not Shy About Showing He Likes You

This is a trait that almost all women appreciate. Whether it’s a simple touch or a wink in public, a Scorpio man will show that he likes you every chance he gets. He also doesn’t care who is nearby to witness his affection because he will show it off at any time.

One of the reasons why he does this is because when he likes you, he is totally into you and won’t be able to stop himself from holding your hand or rubbing your shoulders whenever he can. If you like public displays of affection, you’ll love sharing your life with a Scorpio man.

He Shares His Interests with You

Scorpios are passionate about a variety of topics on both a personal and professional level, and he loves sharing those interests with you every time he can do so. You’ll not only know exactly what his interests are, but he’ll encourage you to be interested in the exact same things.

Whether it’s the environment, sports, live concerts, or even spiritual issues, he’ll tear into these issues with his usual spitfire ways and will love sharing them with you. When he does this, you’ll be able to see his passion for these things instantly.

He Competes for Your Attention

If you’re around a group of people that includes a Scorpio man and it feels like he’s trying to outdo another man to catch your attention, it isn’t because he’s jealous. It’s because he wants as much attention from you as possible and he will do anything to get it.

Remember that Scorpios know what they want and they’re never afraid to go after it. This display of passion makes itself known in many ways, and one of those ways is to act as if he’s in a race to see who can get your attention first!

He Wants to Know Your Secrets

Not only is a Scorpio man unafraid to tell you his secrets, but he also wants to know your secrets. The reason is because when he cares about you, he wants to know everything he can about you, and one of the ways for him to do this is to learn what your secrets are.

Secrets allow him to get to know you a little bit better. Remember that Scorpios are not shallow; therefore, they want to know your secrets so that the relationship you have with them can go a lot deeper and become more serious.

He Is Very Relaxed Around You

If a Scorpio man likes you, he’ll never be tense or nervous when you’re anywhere near him. Instead, any stress or tension he may be feeling will disappear when you’re around because just your presence puts him at ease and relaxes you.

His feelings for you run deep, so even if you work together and he’s having a bad day, he’ll immediately relax when you come near him. You will definitely brighten his day when he cares about you, and his suddenly relaxed manner will prove this to you.

He Likes to Send Romantic Texts

Even though Scorpio men are ambitious and motivated about their jobs, this doesn’t mean that they act professional or stoic all the time. In fact, Scorpios are inherently passionate and love doing unexpected things for the women they care about.

Romantic texts are one of the ways they do this, so expect to receive these texts frequently if a Scorpio man likes you. It’s one of the ways he likes to surprise you and brighten up your day. It also makes him feel good that he’s doing something special just for you.

He Always Makes Eye Contact with You

When you’re talking to a Scorpio man who likes you, he won’t look away or act as though he’s not listening to you; instead, he’ll make direct eye contact with you every time. This is because he feels comfortable around you and wants to make sure that you know it.

This eye contact also means that he’s trying to see just how you’ll react to this type of attention. It isn’t that he won’t make eye contact with everyone that he’s talking to; it’s just that the eye contact he makes with you is more deliberate.

He Gives You Tons of Attention

If a Scorpio man likes you, be prepared to get a lot of attention from him. Scorpio men make sure that you never feel neglected and that you always feel special, and it’s the little things he’ll do for you that will make you feel that way.

Scorpio men are not interested in treating you the same as they treat everyone else. To him, you stand out among everyone else on the planet, and he’ll give you a lot of attention every day to make sure that you know this.

He Wants to Watch a Scary Movie with You

Okay, this may seem like an unusual trait, but think about it. Scary movies can make you feel vulnerable and afraid, so you don’t want to watch them with just anyone. Only someone who you feel completely comfortable with makes you feel good enough to watch a horror movie with them.

And here’s another thing: when you feel vulnerable, you let your guard down, and who wants to do that in front of someone they don’t trust? If a Scorpio man agrees to see a scary movie with you, this is a good sign that they trust you and feel totally comfortable with you.

He Lets Down His Guard with You

So, it isn’t just scary movies that make him realize he can trust you completely. In just about any situation, a Scorpio man will not have problems letting his guard down and showing you who he really is. He doesn’t consider this being weak; instead, he considers it a way to show that he cares about you.

If he didn’t trust you and feel as though he can be himself around you regardless of the situation, he wouldn’t show you this side of himself. But if he does let his guard down, you can feel good about the relationship because it means he doesn’t mind showing you that part of himself.

He Tries to Analyze You

This is another trait that may sound a bit peculiar, but it makes sense when you think about it. Scorpio men are passionate and want to get to know you on a deep personal level. One of the best ways to do this is to figure out who you are on the inside.

While “analyze” might not be the best word to describe this, it is basically the same thing. He’ll ask you lots of questions to figure out who the real you is, and the more answers you give him, the more comfortable he’ll feel with you because he’ll get to know you a little better each time.

He Shows You Lots of Physical Affection

If you’re a very affectionate person who loves getting a lot of physical attention, dating a Scorpio man is always a great idea. They are not shy about kissing, hugging, or just touching you whether you’re alone or in public because this is one way he can show that he cares.

And Scorpios don’t consider it unmanly to show you this type of affection. In fact, they consider it something that is totally appropriate; therefore, they will do this unless you tell them to stop!

He Introduces You to His Family

A Scorpio man won’t introduce just any woman to his family. He’s just not that type of man. He reserves this luxury just for the woman he truly cares about, so if your Scorpio man brings you home to meet his family, you can bet that his affection for you is real.

Introducing you to his family is a big deal to a Scorpio man, so you can take this as a serious commitment on his part if this is what he chooses to do.

In Summary

Passionate and often misunderstood, Scorpio men will go to any length to show you that they care. His intuitive nature may even pick up on your feelings towards him, and now you know a few of the traits you can look for if you’re wondering if a Scorpio man really likes you.

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