15 Tips on How to Attract a Capricorn Man

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If you’re interested in a Capricorn man and you want him to like you, you can take control of the situation and do some things that will increase those odds.

Even better, it doesn’t have to be that difficult or complicated, as this article will prove.

This list was built with the help of experts in the astrology field who are familiar with each zodiac sign and with their various traits.

This includes the traits you need to know if you’re trying to attract someone who is a Capricorn. If you are wondering whether a Capricorn man likes you or not, you can check our article about the 15 signs he may like you.

Capricorns are born between December 21 and January 20, and Capricorn is a sun sign. It is also the tenth sign of the zodiac and is both an earth sign and a cardinal sign.

Capricorns like feeling in control of their lives and making themselves feel safe and secure.

A Capricorn man can be stubborn, a little too serious at times, and often cynical as well.

They are known as the Goat or Sea-Goat, which originated from the constellation known as Capricornus.

It doesn’t mean that they’re this way all the time, but this is something to watch out for.

If you want to know how to attract a Capricorn man, you have to know all about his inner workings.

Below are a handful of tips to help you do just that.

1. Take it slowly and get to know him first.

Capricorn men are intelligent and goal-oriented, and never shallow.

They can be described as “deep” by some people, so they look at romantic relationships as intellectual ones as well.

This is why getting to know a Capricorn before making a move is so important.

Capricorns like to take their time with their relationships, especially their romantic ones.

For these reasons, it’s crucial that you take your relationship with a Capricorn slowly and never try to rush things.

Rushing into a relationship with a Capricorn man is one of the fastest ways to scare him away.

2. No one-night-stands!

Again, shallowness is a turnoff to a Capricorn man, so a one-night stand is out of the question.

Capricorn men want a deep, meaningful, almost spiritual relationship with someone, so not only will they spend a lot of time getting to know you first.

but they’ll consider this the building block upon which the rest of the relationship is built.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t make a few minor mistakes in the beginning.

It does, however, mean that if the beginning of the relationship doesn’t go well, it likely won’t go any further for the two of you.

3. Don’t be put off if he seems a little distant at first.

Capricorn men aren’t shy, but they are very goal-oriented; therefore, they sometimes concentrate on their ambitions more than their personal life.

If he seems to be ignoring you, it isn’t necessarily because he’s not interested in you.

It could be that he’s just so focused on something such as his career that he seems distant in other matters.

If you’re interested in a Capricorn man, just be patient and give him time to notice that you’re there.

You just have to wait long enough for him to have a non-busy moment so that he can notice you and start paying attention to you, which will eventually happen.

4. Show him that you are career- and goal-oriented.

Capricorns are some of the hardest-working people on the zodiac, so their careers and goals are very important to them.

Because of this, you have to show a Capricorn that goals and career are important to you as well.

And if you’re in the same career as he is, you have a much better chance to win him over.

Just make sure that you don’t sit there and brag about yourself while talking about your career — Capricorns don’t like that!

Show him that you’re climbing the corporate ladder without doing too much bragging, and he’ll consider you his equal and become interested in knowing you better.

5. Earn his respect.

Because Capricorns are intelligent and mature, they consider mutual respect very important.

But you know the old saying: respect has to be earned.

Because of this, you can’t expect a Capricorn man to automatically respect you. You have to show him why you’re worthy of this.

To do this, just be yourself. Show him you’re trustworthy and honest. Capricorn men appreciate honesty and a down-to-earth personality. You can certainly find something in your personality that’s worthy of his respect.

Play that up when you’re around him so he’ll know that he can respect you.

6. You need to be patient with him.

Capricorn men are not ones to rush into anything, so whatever results you’re hoping for, just know that it won’t happen right away.

They are also very busy people, which means that your relationship likely won’t grow as quickly as you want it to anyway.

Your patience usually pays off with a Capricorn, because he’ll see that patience as a very important trait.

In fact, he’ll consider it a necessity in your relationship. This is why you need to have patience with him and give the relationship some time to develop into what you want it to be.

7. Responsiveness and being direct are appreciated.

Because Capricorns are upfront and hate playing games, show your Capricorn man that you’re being honest with him every step of the way.

Capricorns want partners who are direct and honest without being tacky and who respond appropriately to many different situations.

The same as most people, Capricorns want partners who have some of the same personality traits as they do.

Since they tend to be direct, they’ll want you to be that way as well. He’ll appreciate your effort and the action will increase the odds that he’ll be attracted to you at some point.

8. Support his ambitions.

Since Capricorn men are career-oriented and ambitious, they’ll appreciate it if you are supportive of this.

If he has a career that you can relate to, it’ll be much easier to support him. If not, it might be easier than you think to drum up some support for him so that you can impress him more.

If you aren’t familiar with his career or interests, now is a good time to study them.

In fact, this will impress a Capricorn even more because he’ll realize that you’re putting forth a conscientious effort to get to know him better and to support him all you can.

9. Be gentle and funny.

Capricorn men may be a little serious, but their sense of humor will sneak through when you least expect it.

They like confidence, but they don’t like arrogance. Showing a Capricorn man that you’re funny is one way to attract his attention and make him realize that you’re interested in him.

Women who are too boisterous also won’t attract a Capricorn man, so practice humility even while showing him your sense of humor and he’ll soon be hooked.

Be even-tempered as well because the last thing he’ll want to see in you is too much confidence, which to him is a turnoff.

10. Don’t be too pushy but display confidence.

If you’re confident without being pushy, a Capricorn man is much more likely to notice you and return your affection eventually.

Pushiness is always a no-no with a Capricorn man, but they don’t want a wallflower either. Simply put, they want self-confidence without an obnoxious demeanor.

This is easy if you just take your time and be yourself.

As with any other zodiac sign, Capricorn men do not want someone who shows them a facade at first, then switches to their real personality later on.

From the very beginning, show him who you are without being unpleasant.

11. Take good care of yourself.

As you can imagine, Capricorn men are just as meticulous with their hygiene as they are about all other aspects of their life and they expect the same of their partner.

Making sure that you practice good hygiene at all times is crucial because it’s a sure thing that he’ll notice if you don’t!

It doesn’t mean that he’ll expect every hair to be in place at all times, day or night.

It just means that he expects you to look neat and clean and be healthy all the time. At the very least, you should show him that this is something you aim for so that he can notice this about you.

12. Don’t show him affection when you’re in public.

It isn’t that a Capricorn man is embarrassed by a show of affection in public.

It’s just that they tend to be very private men and therefore don’t like a ton of PDA. This doesn’t mean that you can’t plant an unexpected little kiss on him occasionally.

Just make sure that you aren’t all over him when the two of you are in public.

And don’t let this trait make you think that Capricorn men are awkward or unwilling to show you some affection.

They just consider it more of a private matter and won’t shower you with affection when you’re around other people.

13. Don’t make him jealous.

We’ve already talked about Capricorn men not appreciating game-playing, and trying to make your man jealous is definitely a game in his opinion.

If you’re even considering using another man to make him jealous, one word of advice: don’t!

Just the same as many men, Capricorns don’t have time for playing games, and one of the best ways to shoo him away and keep him disinterested is to try to make him jealous.

14. Know and practice good manners.

Just as with good hygiene, good manners are also important to a Capricorn man.

In reality, a Capricorn man will expect you to have it “all together” when it comes to how you look, how you take care of yourself, and how you behave around other people.

Of course, good manners are important for everyone, but a Capricorn man will be especially turned off if you are rude or practice less-than-perfect manners.

You don’t always have to be on your very best behavior, but you do have to be polite and courteous.

15. Don’t play games.

Jealousy games and head games are a big no-no for a Capricorn man. Capricorns are super organized and feel as though they don’t have time for this.

In fact, they’ll usually consider it a waste of their time to try to play any type of emotional game, so it’s best not to even try it.

Instead, use honesty and humility to attract them. While some men may respond positively to a game that plays on their emotions, it is a turnoff to most of them.

Just keep it simple and forget about the games if you’re deciding how to attract a Capricorn man.


Falling for a Capricorn man can be a challenge at times because he can show a bevy of conflicting traits.

But as soon as you become a little more familiar with these traits, the task of attracting him becomes a lot easier.

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