12 Tips on How to Attract a Sagittarius Man

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Learning how to attract a Sagittarius man isn’t difficult, but it starts the same way as attracting any other zodiac sign

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You can attract him by knowing who he is as a person and what his personality traits are.

Only by doing this will you know just what to do to win him over and make sure he’s a part of your life.

To develop the list below, several sources were contacted. All of them are experts on astrology and the traits that are specific to each zodiac sign.

To know how to “read” a person under a certain zodiac sign, you have to first learn what traits most of them seem to have. This will help you decide what to do first when you’re attracted to a Sagittarius.

Sagittariuses are born between November 22 and December 21, and they are represented by an archer.

They are extremely extroverted and love life. In fact, they grab life by the horns and never let go in every area of interest they have.

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of fortune, luck, truth, and philosophy, Sagittarius men are very intense and energetic, and they are also free spirits who tend not to do well with a routine schedule.

They are also adaptive and flexible, so they may be able to handle some of these situations.

Trying to attract a Sagittarius man requires knowing how to handle his intense desire to go out there and make the most that life has to offer.

Below are some things to keep in mind when you’re trying to attract one of these men.

1. Give him compliments.

A Sagittarius man is somewhat of a narcissist and therefore loves compliments.

Of course, he’ll respond much better if the compliments are genuine. Sagittariuses work hard and play hard, and they love to be complimented for all of their hard work.

It doesn’t matter if the compliment is small or large because he appreciates all of them.

Compliment something personal or something related to his career success – it doesn’t matter. Just make sure he feels appreciated with a compliment every now and then.

2. Kiss him frequently.

A Sagittarius man has no problems with public displays of affection and therefore, feel free to kiss him whenever you get the opportunity.

When a Sagittarius is involved with someone, he wants the world to know it, and planting kisses on him regularly allows that to happen.

Sagittariuses also tend to be affectionate, so when you do decide to give your Sagittarius man a kiss, he will definitely kiss you back.

In fact, a Sagittarius man is proud to have his partner show him some affection both in and out of the public eye.

3. Volunteer your time.

Sagittarius men are very busy and productive people, so even when they’re not at work, they like to be doing something at all times.

This includes volunteer work, so if you like doing volunteer work yourself, you’ll immediately show him that the two of you have at least one common interest.

Even better, try to find out what his favorite causes are before you sign up to volunteer somewhere.

Maybe the two of you can even volunteer somewhere together! But even if you don’t get to do this, your being a volunteer will definitely impress him.

4. Be adventurous.

Since Sagittarius men are constantly busy, they tend to have a lot of different interests.

Participating in something that’s a bit on the adventurous side will make a Sagittarius man take notice of you.

It doesn’t have to be an adventurous or fast-paced sport. It can be anything that’s exciting.

Taking chances on things and participating in activities that are a little unique or unusual proves you’re a fun-loving person who doesn’t mind taking risks.

This will definitely catch the attention of your Sagittarius man and make him notice you.

5. Be energetic.

Sagittarius men are energetic and want the same out of their partners. They are usually doing something 24/7, and this takes a lot of energy on their part.

Sagittarius men will want you by their side once you become involved, and for that to happen, you need a lot of energy.

If you feel like you’re not that energetic, start exercising and taking care of yourself so you can get the energy you need to keep up with your Sagittarius man.

He’ll require someone with the spunk he loves so that you can eventually do things together.

6. Be positive.

Attitude means a lot to a Sagittarius man. While Sagittarius men are sometimes a little over-energetic and maybe even blunt, their overall attitude is still very good.

To accomplish all of the things they try to accomplish takes a positive attitude.

Having a positive outlook on life doesn’t mean you have to be upbeat and positive all of the time.

But if you generally walk around with a good attitude that says you’re not about to quit until you get what you want, a Sagittarius man will respond to that.

7. Join a coed sport.

Sagittarius men tend to like sports, and if you play right along with him, he’ll love it. Coed sports are fun and popular, and it shouldn’t take a lot to find out exactly which sport is his favorite.

If you can’t do this, join a coed sport that you like instead. They’re all a lot of fun!

Even if he doesn’t join the same team you’re on, he’ll still notice that you like being physically active, and this is certain to impress him.

An energetic person who loves sports will always catch his attention, after all.

8. Invite him to a party.

A Sagittarius man is usually very social, so inviting him to a party or another social function will certainly get his attention.

Sagittariuses usually love social gatherings, and because they’re usually large and loud, he won’t feel like he’s being put in a corner and expected to pay attention only to you and no one else.

This, in turn, will put him at ease and allow him to get to know you slowly, which is his preference.

You can’t dismiss how much fun parties are, either. A party is a great way to get to know your Sagittarius man just a little bit better without all of the pressure of a formal date.

9. Take a class with him.

Sagittarius men are intelligent, so they often take classes on their own time simply because they love to learn.

This could be an academic class or a leisurely class that is just for fun, and he’ll enjoy taking the same class as you at any time.

If you find out what types of classes he likes, this can help you take the “right” class in the end.

A class will also help the two of you get to know one another better and even gives you chances to laugh and have a lot of fun along the way.

10. Be his damsel in distress.

If you’re stuck with a flat tire or you notice a beeping sound from your smoke alarm and you’re not sure what it is, try giving your Sagittarius man a call for assistance.

Sagittarius men love to “rescue” a partner, even though you’ll both end up getting something out of it.

It doesn’t have to be a huge task you’re expecting from him. Something simple that you need help with will do.

The point is, the damsel-in-distress trick always works with a Sagittarius man because he’ll appreciate it more than you know.

11. Introduce him to your friends.

If you introduce your Sagittarius man to your friends, he’ll feel special. He’ll get the message that you like him.

It isn’t as big of a commitment as introducing him to your family, but it’s sometimes the next best thing. It’s a great first step to learning how he and your friends will get along.

The more friends you introduce him to, the more you’ll learn about him and the more comfortable he’ll feel about the process.

Even if the relationship is in the very beginning stages, this is a great gesture because it tells him how you feel about him and helps introduce him to your inner circle.

12. Throw a party.

Sagittariuses are very outgoing and love the social scene, so if you throw a party and make him the guest of honor, it can do a lot to help move your relationship up to the next level.

It doesn’t have to be a big party, either – just one that’s big enough to be a lot of fun for everyone.

You can also throw a party without letting him know he’ll be at the center of it. In any case, a Sagittarius man is usually very social and loves a good party.

It’ll serve a second purpose as well, and that is to make sure that even more of your friends get to know who he is!


Sagittarius men love life, and they want their partner to love life as well. They are energetic, motivated, and sometimes a bit stubborn.

This is only because they are serious about getting what they want out of life, and they’ll let nothing stop them from achieving their goals.

Knowing how to attract a Sagittarius man isn’t difficult once you learn a few of the things that make him unique.

If you feel his traits are a lot like your own, you’re halfway there. But even if you don’t, it isn’t difficult to learn what makes a Sagittarius man tick and what you can do to increase the odds that he’ll be your partner someday.

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