15 Revealing Signs a Cancer Man Likes You a Lot Than You Think

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If you’re interested in a man born under the Cancer sign, it’s only natural to want him to show that same interest in you.

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But what is the best way to know for sure how he feels?

The truth is, Cancer men will let you know how they feel through their actions and sometimes their words. It is easy to know for sure how much they like you, even if they just like you as a friend.

The information used in this article is derived from lists that come from proven sources. The fact is, people born under the Cancer sign always exhibit these traits whenever they care about someone. 

Cancer is a water sign, and being in a relationship with a water sign can be a wild and crazy adventure. Cancer men are also some of the most nurturing and emotional people in all the zodiac signs, which is important to keep in mind when you’re reading this list.

Their super-emotional and nurturing nature helps to explain why they exhibit some of these traits when they like someone. The thing is that most Cancers will exhibit these traits whether they’re falling in love with you or they only like you a little bit.

Because he is so emotional, a Cancer man is usually very easy to read. This means that you won’t have to wonder if he likes you or not because it will be obvious one way or another.

Below are some of the ways a Cancer man will let you know that he likes you.

He Wants to Spend All of His Time with You

Once a Cancer likes you, he’ll want to be with you all of the time. For women, this is usually a very welcome trait because many women also want to be around the person they care about as often as possible.

If a Cancer man seems to make excuses to spend more time with you, don’t be alarmed. It just means that you’re important enough to him that he wants to be with you every chance he gets.

Of course, this trait sometimes shows itself with clinginess, but it usually dissipates once the relationship is more established and he realizes that you like him as much as he likes you.

You Are His Number-One Priority

Cancer men will consider the woman they love to be more important than anything else in their lives. When a Cancer man likes you, you are his number-one priority, which means that there isn’t anything he would not do for you.

If you’re already in a relationship with a Cancer and you’re wondering where the relationship is headed, consider how hard he tries to put you first in everything. If he tries very hard to do this and you feel as though you are a priority in his life, it means that he cares about you a lot.

He Gets Jealous

Simply put, Cancer men can get jealous. The degree of jealousy varies from one man to the next, but if you find him getting jealous of your relationships or the time spent with other men, just consider it a compliment because it means that he likes you.

Fortunately, this jealousy normally doesn’t go overboard, but it will still be obvious to you whenever he’s jealous of someone in your life. If this happens, don’t panic because it just means that he cares enough about you to be jealous in the first place.

He Enjoys Public Displays of Affection

While many men are hesitant to show the women in their lives some affection whenever they’re in public, this is not true for a Cancer man. In fact, Cancer men enjoy showing public displays of affection whenever they feel the need.

This can include everything from holding your hand to giving you a big kiss right when you least expect it. It’s also very likely that he’ll do this every time you’re out in public, so you might as well get prepared for it.

He Wants to Know Everything About You

If a Cancer man starts asking all sorts of questions about you, you can rest assured that he likes you. It’s all part of his desire to get to know you as well as he can, and it starts by asking you lots of questions about yourself.

He’ll ask you questions about both your personal and professional life. In short, there won’t be anything about you that he doesn’t want to know about if he’s truly interested in you.

Never take this trait as him prying into your business or being too nosy. It is simply a desire to know as much about you as possible so the relationship can grow.

He Wants to Introduce You to His Family

If a Cancer man likes you, he won’t be able to wait to introduce you to his family. His family is important to him and so are you, so he’ll want everyone to meet one another.

Meeting a man’s family is always an important step in a relationship, but with a Cancer man, be prepared for that meeting to take place rather soon. If he really likes you, even just a little, he’ll want the two of you to meet as soon as possible.

Think of this as a way for you to explore his background a little. After all, if you end up together, his relationship with his family is going to play a big part in your relationship.

He Always Finds an Excuse to Touch You More

To a Cancer man, touching is a way to show that he cares, and it doesn’t have to be a super-noticeable gesture. He’ll look for ways to touch your arm, rub your shoulders, or simply hold your hand when you least expect it.

This is something that a Cancer man is good at, and it’s something that at least most women love. These light touches are something most women crave and appreciate, and they are a good way to know that a Cancer man really likes you.

He Constantly Flirts with You

If you’re wondering if a Cancer man likes you, just ask yourself, is he flirting with me on a regular basis? Flirting, even light flirting, is a Cancer man’s way of letting you know that he cares.

Even if he flirts a little bit with other women, the flirting he does with you will be different. It will be more obvious and more fun, and it’s a sure-fire way to know that he likes you.

Remember that Cancer men are easy to read, so even if you just think he’s flirting, he probably is. And it’s a good sign of how he feels about you.

He Tries Hard to Establish a Deep Personal Bond with You

Cancer men are emotional and want to get to know the people they love on an intimate level. If he asks you personal questions, it isn’t because he’s trying to pry or that he’s being nosy; it’s that he wants to get to know you as well as he can.

This is definitely a way to determine if a Cancer man likes you. He’ll want to know as much about you as possible, and he never stops trying to develop that bond between the two of you.

With Cancer men, shallow relationships aren’t an option. They want a meaningful relationship, not a fly-by-night one, and establishing a personal bond with you is the only way to do this.

He Considers All Other Women Out of the Competition

If you are dating a Cancer man and want to learn the status of your relationship, consider how he treats all of the other women in his life. Does he date other women or have a lot of female friends?

Either way, if he’s decided to push them out of the way until they’re no longer important to him, it’s likely that he wants to see you exclusively and no one else. This is a pretty clear sign that he likes you, so you might want to go ahead and take advantage of it.

And if you think it’s difficult to determine what his relationship with other women is like, think again. Cancer men aren’t afraid to let you know that all of those other women are now out of his life.

He Loves to Cook for You

Remember that Cancer men are really into home, family and friends, and cooking. A lot of Cancer men are great cooks, so if he asks you to come over and enjoy a home-cooked meal with him, you can take it to the bank that he likes you.

If a Cancer man wants to cook for you, be prepared for more than just the usual foods. They are truly great cooks so there’s no telling what you’ll find on your plate once you get there!

He is a Homebody and Wants You at His House Frequently

Once again, Cancer men love quiet evenings at home, so don’t take it the wrong way if he wants you to spend the evening with him at his home rather than going out somewhere. In fact, it should make you feel good that he’s asked you to do this because he won’t spend the evening at home with just anybody!

Being a homebody is what a lot of Cancer men do best, but this can be a good thing because it helps you get to know him better without the usual distractions found on a regular date.

He Shares All of His Personal Thoughts with You

If a Cancer man starts sharing personal thoughts, hopes, and dreams with you, don’t be alarmed, and don’t assume that he does this with just anyone. If he’s going to share anything personal with you, you can bet that it’s because he likes you.

In fact, the more he shares with you on a regular basis, the more comfortable he feels with you and therefore, the more he likes you. Despite being emotional, he is simply not going to get that personal with just anyone else.

He Becomes a Little Clingy at Times

Cancer men can be clingy at times, which is expressed by him wanting to be with you all the time. It may seem that he’s insecure about the relationship, but it’s really because he cares about you so much that he wants to be around you as much as possible.

And again, home and family are important to Cancer men, so his relationship with you will be a very important part of his life, if not the most important. This is why he can be clingy at times and want to be around you constantly.

He Can Be a Little Possessive at Times

Just the same as most people, Cancer men can be a little possessive at times. Sometimes it means that the relationship is new and he’s not sure if his feelings toward you are being reciprocated.

Whatever the reason, his possessiveness normally doesn’t go overboard; therefore, there’s no real reason for concern. It simply means that he likes you a lot and wants you all to himself, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it.

When you think about it, a little possessiveness is usually not a bad thing. If a little possessiveness is all there is to it, you have no reason to be concerned.


Cancer men are home-loving people who are emotional and very nurturing. They’ll want to take care of you and have you by their side as often as possible.

They usually aren’t insecure, but they are sometimes a little unsure about your feelings toward them and this can display itself as jealousy or clinginess. If this happens, you don’t have to be concerned because once the relationship isn’t so new, those traits usually disappear.

There’s no need to be concerned when you’re with a Cancer man, because once the relationship is established, you’ll have the time of your life. You will certainly never get bored if you’re involved with a Cancer man!

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