15 Clear Signs a Libra Man Likes You Seriously

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If you have feelings for a Libra man but you aren’t sure if the feeling is mutual, there are easy-to-read signs a Libra man likes you that are simple to spot once you know what to look for.

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Making it easy to determine if a Libra man likes you is the first step to knowing how to proceed with the relationship.

This list was derived from lists written by experts on astrology and is therefore a very reliable list. It will give you a glimpse into the personality of a Libra man, then move onto ways that you can tell if one of these men likes you. 

Keep in mind that Libra men like to please with their words, so you can’t always tell exactly how they feel about you right away.

Libra men make good listeners and observers and are natural charmers.

When it comes to romance, they are straightforward, but since they like to please, you may not find out how they feel deep inside in the very beginning.

Instead, you’ll have to observe their behavior until you get to know them a little better.

Libra men also like to make things easier on you, so while they won’t necessarily lie, they’ll tell you what you want to hear so they don’t hurt your feelings, at least in the beginning. 

To get to know them better, here are 15 ways you can tell if a Libra man likes you.

He Is Never Shy About His Emotional Attachment to You

When a Libra man feels an attachment to you, he’ll let you know it. If he really likes you as more than just a friend, he’ll break his tradition of hiding things with his words because he’s ready to let the world know how he feels about you.

This means that whenever you’re around him, you’ll have no doubt that he’s feeling a true emotional attachment to you and wants it to stay that way. You won’t have to wonder how he’s feeling because you’ll feel it in your bones.

His Plans Always Include You

Libra men don’t like doing anything without the women they love by their side. Whether it’s a get-together with friends or a company picnic, he’ll want to include you in everything he does. This means that you may have to put up with him seven days a week because that’s how he’ll like it.

And he won’t just tolerate having you around because that’s what he’s supposed to do. Instead, he’ll make room for you in his life because he wants you to be involved in every aspect of it. It’s all or nothing when it comes to Libra men and the women they love.

He Gives (and Expects) Serious Commitment

When a Libra man falls in love, he is totally and completely devoted to you. This means he gives you an all-encompassing devotion that he expects to be given back to him in return. He loves whole-heartedly and expects you to treat him the same way.

If you’re one of these people who appreciates someone who is 100% devoted to you, you should find yourself a Libra man. He will never let you down because his commitment to you is serious and one that he considers will last forever.

He Enjoys Being Around Your Social Circle

A Libra man who likes you will also enjoy being around your friends as well. He is confident and feels comfortable being around the people you know and hang out with. And he’ll like doing this as often as he can.

To him, you and he are basically one person. So, if you have plans to go out with a group of friends for dinner or a concert, he’ll expect to be right there by your side. The thing is that this is something you’ll likely enjoy just as much.

He Is Always Filled with Compliments

Libra men love to give you lots of compliments, but the difference between him and some other men is that his compliments will be sincere. He’s not just complimenting you to sound good or because he wants you to like him. He means every word that he’s saying.

While Libra men tend to show their affection towards you more with action than with words, giving you compliments is an exception. He’ll notice every good trait that you have and won’t be why about reminding you how great you are every chance he gets.

He Treats You Differently Than Any Other Woman

If you’re not sure how a Libra man feels about you, simply observe the way he acts around other women and compare that to how he acts when he’s around you. If the two ways are incredibly different, you can bet he likes you for more than just a friend.

He may smile more, talk more, or change his body language when he’s around you, or the differences may be more subtle. But one thing’s for sure: he’ll treat you differently than he does all of the other women in his life.

He Respects You as a Person

Libra men will respect you whenever they like you. While they are natural charmers, this does not mean that they are disingenuous. They respect you as a person and will let you know that if they like you. And respect always means a lot to them.

This can show itself in numerous ways, including asking for your opinions on various topics and treating you a little differently than he does everyone else. He won’t like you unless he respects you first, so this trait should make you feel good about the relationship.

He Is a Great Listener

You can count on Libra men listening to you when you talk, vent, or simply need a shoulder to cry on. They give the appropriate responses and are truly intent on hanging on every word that you say to them. This they’ll do regardless of the specific situation you’re in.

This also means that he wants to be a true friend to you, and a good friendship is always a great start to a healthy relationship. Libra men are always good listeners with the women they feel affection for, which is one of the reasons why women often love them.

He Is Involved with Issues You’re Interested In

You’ll usually find that Libra men find the same things interesting that you do. Whether it’s related to the community, health, politics, or religious or spiritual matters, you’ll find you have a lot in common with a Libra man because they tend to seek out women who they have things in common with already.

Regarding those issues, you’ll find he also likes to get involved with them, not just talk to you about them, which means it’s easy to find something that the two of you can do together. And doing things together goes a long way in making you closer to one another.

He Is Always Looking at You

Even when you least expect it, you’ll find your Libra man staring at you every chance he gets. This is because regardless of what you look like, a Libra man always finds you attractive if he cares about you. He’ll simply want to see your smile every chance he gets, so he looks at you constantly.

If you work together, he’ll have even more opportunities to look at you, so you might want to be prepared for that! Nevertheless, this can certainly help your work day go by a lot faster.

He Does Everything He Can to Spend More Time with You

You’ll quickly notice that a Libra man will go out of his way to look for opportunities to be with you. This means that yes, he is consciously trying to find ways to be around you every chance he gets, and most Libra men are very good at this.

It’s not that he’s a stalker. It’s just that he will put effort into looking for ways to spend more and more time with you because he can’t get enough of you. A Libra man will never consider the time he spends with you to be too much time.

His Body Language Shows That He’s Interested

When you walk into a room and a Libra man who likes you is there, you’ll immediately notice a change in his body language. He may sit up straighter in his chair, look over in your direction, or simply flash you a huge grin every time you walk into the room.

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand exactly what this means: he likes you a lot. So don’t worry about figuring out if he likes you, because his body language will show it immediately.

He Is Always Happy When You’re Around

You’ll notice when your Libra man likes you because every time you’re around him, he is full of smiles. Simply put, you make him happy and he’ll show you his happiness every time you come near him. And what’s better than a man who adores you and smiles every time you’re near him?

He’ll seem happier when you’re around him because he is happier. Just the thought of being around you makes him much more jovial. After all, if a Libra man likes you, you’ll end up bringing out the best in him.

He Likes Having Serious Discussions with You

Libras love deep discussions, especially with people they care about, so if a Libra man starts up a conversation with you that goes pretty deep, you can rest assured he likes you. Libra men are not “deep” with just anybody, and it shows you that he has a deep level of trust for you as well.

You’ll also find him interested in deep discussions about a variety of topics, so be prepared for that. But if he didn’t care about you and trust you, he wouldn’t be doing this. This makes it a personal compliment to you whenever he does this.

He Is On His Best Behavior When You’re Nearby

Libras are not two-faced individuals, but they’ll still be on their best behavior whenever you’re around them. Whatever their best qualities are, they’ll show them off each time you’re near, whether it’s traits such as honesty, courtesy, or his gentlemanly ways.

Libras are confident and they know which areas they shine at, and they’ll make sure that you learn those areas as well every time you get near them. This makes it even easier to fall in love with them.

Final Words

Natural charmers who love serious discussions and who are deeply romantic, Libra men have certain hard-and-fast ways to let you know they care.

It may not always be obvious with their words, but you’ll recognize his feelings towards you by the way he acts whenever you’re close to him.

If you’re interested in a Libra man and aren’t sure if the feeling is mutual, just consider these actions that will usually be demonstrated if he truly likes you.

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