18 Signs a Virgo Man Likes You so much (He’s Into You)

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Determining whether a Virgo man likes you might be challenging simply because they are so intelligent and analytical.

Virgo man and a woman

Nevertheless, once you know what traits to look for, it becomes much easier to tell how they feel about you.

Like all other zodiac signs, Virgo men display certain traits when they start to like someone, and the traits listed below will help you learn what they are. The traits have been proven through numerous studies, and this list shows you most of them.

Keep in mind that Virgo men are well-organized and sometimes a little mysterious, so you have to know exactly what to look for when trying to figure out if they like you.

Virgo men are perfectionists, and they like women who are the same. This is an Earth sign that is represented by a young maiden and covers men born from August 23 to September 22.

They are also clean and very health-conscious, so they usually exercise regularly and eat all the right foods. However, they can also be a little bit neurotic and obsessive when it comes to these traits because they expect everyone to have them.

While being in a relationship with a Virgo can be somewhat of a challenge because of some of these characteristics, their charming, honest-to-a-fault personality makes them a great partner overall. 

If you’re wanting to know if a Virgo man likes you, below are some things you can look for.

He Wants You to Meet His Family

In most relationships, meeting a man’s family is a huge step, but it means even more when that man is a Virgo. Virgo men don’t introduce every woman they date to their family or even to their friends.

Virgos tend to allow only those women they really like to meet those close to them. He’s a bit private in many ways, so if a Virgo asks you to meet his family, you can take it to the bank that he likes you.

Remember, a Virgo man is a perfectionist and therefore doesn’t want to bring home just anybody to meet his family members. If you like a Virgo man and he wants you to meet his family, the feeling is definitely mutual.

He Is Very Protective of You

Virgo men are gentlemen, and they consider it their duty to protect you. They’ll call to make sure you made it home safely and warn you not to park in a remote location when you go to the mall.

Above all else, Virgos want you to be safe, and they will constantly give you reminders to do certain things and avoid certain situations to keep you that way.

At times, they can sound like a parent when they do this, but don’t let it annoy you. This is their way of telling you that they care enough about you to keep you safe from harm regardless of where you’re going or what you’re doing.

He Calls You and Texts You All the Time

Virgo men don’t do this because they are stalkers, but they call and text you a lot because they enjoy your company and they want to stay in constant communication with you. It’s one of the ways they can show you some extra attention when they like you.

Their texts and phone calls aren’t always long. They may text or call you just to see if your presentation at work went well or how your exercise class went.

If a Virgo man calls you a lot, it’s his way of getting to know you better because he cares about you so much. The more he talks to you, the more familiar he becomes with everything going on in your life, which is yet another way to show that he likes you.

He Wants to Exercise with You

Remember that a Virgo man is health-conscious and enjoys both regular exercise and eating right. Since he takes his health seriously, he’ll only invite people he really cares about to exercise with him.

When it comes to his exercise routine, he doesn’t mess around. He considers it crucial to his happiness to be healthy, and if he considers you important as well, he’ll want to enjoy both of these things together.

If he jogs, expect him to ask you to go running with him, or maybe even play a game of tennis. But watch out – a Virgo man takes these things seriously and is competitive as well, so make sure you’re ready for a long and very intense workout before you agree to exercise with him.

He Wants to Cook You Healthy Meals

Speaking of his health, a Virgo man will often invite you over for a good, home-cooked and healthy meal. This doesn’t mean that he’ll be fixing you bean sprouts and kale; it just means that the food will be good for you.

Virgo men are typically great cooks as well, in part because they are so health-conscious and they know eating out is usually bad for you. This contributes to their desire to cook you a healthy meal, so you should always consider this gesture a thoughtful one.

Since they care about their own health, they’ll care about yours as well. This is yet another reason for them to ask you over for a nice healthy dinner.

Your Happiness Always Comes First 

With a lot of astrological signs, some men always put themselves first, but that’s not so with a Virgo man. He is confident with himself and therefore doesn’t mind putting someone he cares about first in all different situations.

It’s a good feeling to know that the person you care about is willing to put you first, but this is what Virgo men usually do when they’re interested in someone. They’ll ask your opinion on everything and take your answers seriously since you matter so much in the relationship.

You’ll never be ignored, nor will you ever have to wonder how that person truly feels about you.

He Communicates with You About Everything

When a Virgo man is interested in you, you’ll never feel left out or ignored because he communicates with you about everything. This includes both trivial matters and big important decisions, and everything in between.

The truth is, a Virgo man likes feeling connected to you in every way, and constant communication between the two of you is one way he feels like he is doing this. When he communicates with you, he learns more about you, and that is one way he shows his affection for you.

He also communicates regularly with you because he cares about you and wants you to know what is going on in his life. This helps you get to know him just like he wants to get to know you.

He Compliments You Constantly

Virgo men are not shy about handing out the compliments. It doesn’t make them feel less manly or awkward.

Instead, complimenting you is a way for him to enjoy your smile and help you feel good about yourself, which are both important to a Virgo man who is in a relationship with someone. In addition to these things, Virgo men are also attentive to every detail about you and want you to know that they appreciate it.

Complimenting you constantly is just one of the many ways a Virgo man shows you that he cares and helps you feel more confident along the way.

He Is Very Open with You Regarding His Emotions

Unlike a lot of men, Virgo men are not afraid to express their emotions, even though they don’t necessarily do this with everyone. If he likes you, he will not hesitate to show you his emotional side so that you can get to know him better.

It doesn’t matter what type of emotion he’s experiencing. The truth is, he wants you to be as familiar with him as he intends to be with you, and showing you his emotions is one of the many ways he does this.

This is also good because it means you won’t have to wonder how he feels about something. He’ll always let you know for certain what it is he’s feeling about anything and everything, which can bring the two of you closer quickly.

He Cares About Your Opinions on Everything

When a Virgo man asks your opinion on something, he truly cares what your opinion is. He’s not just asking you to sound good; he genuinely cares what you think.

Unlike some men who only ask women their opinion so they can appear to care what the answer will be, Virgo men truly care how you feel about everything. It is one of the many ways he can get familiar with what you’re like on the inside so he can get to know you a little better.

It also helps him determine if your opinions match his so he can figure out what to do about it if the two of you don’t match. Remember, Virgos are very analytical and therefore will analyze your opinions after they learn what they are.

He Is Extremely Loyal to You

Loyalty is another area where Virgo men really shine. When a Virgo man likes you, his loyalty will always be second to none.

As long as a Virgo man likes you, he’ll be completely devoted to you no matter what the situation is. Regardless of what you’re going through, expect him to stand by you until the very end every time.

This loyalty can express itself in many different ways, but there will be no mistaking how obvious it is and how much he cares about you.

He Notices Even Minute Details About You

Many signs, especially men, don’t notice tiny details about the woman they care for, but this is not true for Virgo men. They’ll notice every detail about you, even your color of nail polish or the fact that you’re no longer wearing the same pair of tennis shoes.

Details are not something every man notices, which makes a Virgo man very refreshing indeed. In fact, you’re likely to be very surprised by all of the things he notices about you, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised and never disappointed.

He Is a Huge Romantic

For such an analytical and somewhat serious guy, this trait might be surprising to you. A Virgo man is, however, very romantic when he has affections for someone.

Expect him to surprise you with gifts and flowers for no reason or simply send you a text telling you to have a nice day. These are the types of things he’ll do to make sure you know that he loves to surprise you with lots of small romantic gestures.

Another reason he does this is to keep the relationship fresh and new. According to most women, it certainly works!

He Is Shy About Touching You – at First

Keep in mind that Virgo men are analytical and very much perfectionists. Because of this, he won’t want to move too fast when it comes to the physical side of your relationship.

In other words, he may move slowly when it comes to touching your arm, holding your hands, or giving you a kiss. He wants you to respect him like he respects you, which means a “no touching” policy at the beginning of the relationship.

Once he’s sure where the relationship is going, he’ll start to touch you and caress you a little bit more. It’s just not usually something he’ll do in the very beginning.

He Will Analyze You and Check You Out

An analytical person is certainly going to analyze you every chance he gets, so never be surprised when this happens. Just like he analyzes his career choices and his choice of clothes to wear, he’ll be checking you out thoroughly every chance he gets.

This he can do by paying strict attention to your reactions to certain things, your answers to his questions, and even what you order when you go out to eat. He’s so good at this that you likely won’t know he’s doing it, but he is definitely doing it on purpose.

He Constantly Surprises You with Romantic Gestures

Romance is never dead to a Virgo man. He’ll surprise you with gifts, plan spur-of-the-moment weekend trips for the two of you to go on, and have flowers sent to your office for no particular reason.

Virgo men are so organized and intelligent, so it’s super easy for them to think up newer and better ways to be romantic with you. He’s smart enough to plan to be spontaneous with you, in other words, and you’ll come out the winner in the end.

He Always Loosens up When He’s Around You

As you can imagine, Virgo men can be rather intense about both their personal life and their professional life. Nevertheless, when you walk into the room, he’ll loosen up immediately.

If he does this, you’ll know immediately that he likes you because this isn’t something he’ll do for just anybody. Because of his affection for you, he relaxes as soon as he sees you, regardless of the type of day he’s had up to that point.

In this way, his entire body language changes when he’s around you, and it won’t take much for you to notice the difference. You’ll quickly learn how he feels about you simply because of the way he relaxes when you get anywhere near him.

He Always Makes Time for You

Men are generally very busy, but regardless of how busy he gets, a Virgo man always has time to pay attention to you. This means that if you call him at work because you need something, he’ll stop what he’s doing to find out what it is and how he can help you.

In other words, a Virgo man is never too busy to devote some time to the person he cares about. This is why you can count on him again and again to pay attention to you whenever you need something from him.

Wrap Things Up

Virgo men sometimes have to work hard to be romantic and show their affection because they are so analytical, but their intelligence keeps them from running out of ideas to show you how much they care.

If you like a Virgo man or you’re already in a relationship with one, you can use the traits mentioned in this article to determine what their feelings for you are. 

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